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Fellow Patriots,

We are 570,000 strong. THAT IS A VOICE. We can't give up. This race was an indicator of just what a simple message can bring about. We went up against an absolute government machine.. President of the state senate, endorsed by Trump, and DeSantis, outspent by 30x ($3,000,000 vs $100,000). All this and still received over 35% of the vote. We did not lose, just laid the groundwork for something bigger and better.. God bless you all.. fight on!

James W. Shaw

Who I Am...

* I am a 12th Generation American citizen!

Politics = Policies = Beliefs Faith

* Education: Colgate University '83 (Hamilton, NY)

BA, Sociology / Anthropology 

'82 Honorable Mention, All American College Football Player

  * Married: 41 years (Patricia)


8 Children 

3 Collegiate Football Players (Penn State, Maryland, Montana)

5 Beautiful daughters 

23 Grandchildren

Life Experience:

*Transportation 20 Years 

-Managed 600 person facility... 525 Teamsters (Local Union 430 Harrisburg, Pa)

-Owned/ Operated a trucking transportation company consisting of 200 Non-Union Associates and two locations between Nashville, TN / Allentown, PA 


* Owned/ Operated 3 Auntie Anne's pretzel franchises 


* Real Estate Investor/ Owner of 50+ units 


* Owner of 30 Acre Composting Farm




James Shaw is the RIGHT choice for Florida Commissioner of Agriculture...

*Good Food

*Good  Water

*Good Guns

My vote is going to pro-constitution, pro-gun REAL farmer, James Shaw. This guy is the real deal. I've had several lengthy discussions with him and he is a God fearing man and a plain spoken patriot.
#RepealSB7026 #SupportConstitutionalCarry #NoExcuses
Lamarre Notargiacomo
Secretary, Republican Club of Indian River
IRC 2nd Amendment Defense Coalition


“Our obligations to our country never cease but with our lives. - John Adams”


Paid for By Committee to Elect James W. Shaw, Republican for Florida Commissioner of Agriculture.
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